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Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2007 07:52:50 -0800 (PST)
Jenny,  That's a very good point.  Many people get depressed with low light - 
goes together with winter depression I think.  Perhaps someone knows a lighting 
solution - other than medication.

I prefer low light, who knows why - perhaps it's sensitive eyes, but I have had 
friends enter my apartment and complain that the low light is depressing to 

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Am I the only one who hates this new trend going toward compact fluorescent
bulbs?  Sure they use less electricity and last longer, but when I'm in a
room lit by them, even if it's only half of the light, it makes me feel
terrible.  My eyes go all wacky, and the color on everything is bad.  For
me, quality of life is worth some heat from a bulb and a slightly higher
electric bill.


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> T12 fluorescent tubes (which are 1-1/2" diameter) will probably be
> manufactured for many years to come, so I don't think there's an immediate
> need to stock up.  But fixtures for T8 (1" diameter) and T5 (5/8"
> diameter) tubes are increasingly the norm.  These newer fixtures are
> higher efficiency than the older, larger ones, and they also contain less
> mercury, so there is a multiple benefit to using them.
> As for the question about what to do with old incandescent bulbs after
> installing compact fluorescents, I have a couple fixtures that have
> dimmers, so I cannot use compact fluorescent bulbs there.  Compact
> fluorescents are also sometimes problematic for use outdoors or other cold
> locations (restaurant refrigerators or freezers, for example), so the
> incandescents could be used for those purposes, as well.
> Philip Proefrock
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> > I was recently told by my electrician that the "regular" 4 & 8' style
> flourescent bulb were being fazed out. Specifically, they are being
> replaced
> > by lower-energy use, smaller diameter bulbs. This will mean
> either stocking
> > up ahead of time with lots of the "regular" flourescents or coverting
> all
> > your fixtures to the new smaller ones. Has anyone else heard about this?
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