Re: Dangers of Fluorescent lighting (was New Bulbs)
From: Saramandaia Farm (
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2007 15:18:25 -0800 (PST)
I found the linked article at, a commercial/industrial site 
that exists to see lighting systems.  The various effects attributed to 
fluorescent lighting were not documented in either the article or in Nathan's 
email.  I went looking for original articles with attribution, and couldn't 
find them, either...there was a very simple loop...Nathan linked the site...the 
site claimed effects...clicking on the link for articles documenting these 
effects led back to the original commercial site.  I found no mention of 
peer-reviewed journal articles reporting evidence of these problems.  Most of 
the effects were qualified with "can" or "may", without reference to studies.  
Maybe will yield some information.  

The Natural Lighting Company and the Bilbrey Brothers (president, and 
vice-president of marketing and sales), claim 21 years and 15 years of 
daylighting experience respectively.  I personally have 61 years of experience 
with daylight, but I'm not selling anything.  My requirements for accepting 
something as even a contributing cause of a medical condition are more exacting 
than anything stated by Nathan or by the Bilbrey Brothers.  The disposal of 
used fluorescent lights is another subject, and was not the point of the post 
by Nathan, as I read it.


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