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Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2007 07:44:42 -0800 (PST)
On 2/7/07, Byron Patterson^ byronpatterson [at]
Hi Sharon,
I am planning to attend the workshop 2/17/07, and have attempted to
post a reservation via the Building Communities website. I am not sure
the posting was sent via email. Please notify me of my reservation.
Thank you Byron Patterson

On 2/5/07, Sharon Villines <sharon [at]> wrote:

Second announcement of workshop in the DC area but a reminder that you
can participate in this discussion by joining the email discussion
group by sending a blank message to
buildingcommunityinfo-subscribe [at]

Workshop:  Saturday, Feb 17, 10:00-3:00. Led by Sharon Villines at
Takoma Village Cohousing.

Aim:  To design sociocratic models for cohousing and other residential
communities. The focus will be primarily cohousing but the models will
be useful for ecovillages, condos, coops, and neighborhood associations
so participants from these communities are more than welcome.

Rationale: Sociocracy is an inclusive self-governance method based on
consent decision-making. Its principles and methods can be applied in a
variety of models suitable for different kinds of organizations. Since
residential communities are concerned with both community life and
commonly owned property, they must balance a wide range of social,
political, and economic needs. As such they have more complex aims than
most businesses or non-profit organizations.

We will examine the question how can sociocracy meet these needs more
effectively than current methods? What models would work best in

Please contact me if you need more information or would like to attend
the workshop. There is no charge except a materials fee of approx $10.

Sharon Villines
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