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... and such a beautiful location, walking distance in to a wonderful small town, with a great breakfast diner.


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Dear Greg and  Catalina,

If you are willing to move to the east coast then I believe you are looking for Nubanusit Neighborhood and Farm. We are currently under construction and have single family, detached homes available. We will begin moving in in the fall of 2007. Please visit our website to learn lots more about us: _www.peterboroughcohousing.org_ (http:// .
"The Nubanusit Neighborhood homes are  being built to a standard that
significantly exceeds normal construction and Energy Star homes. The combined approaches of high insulation levels (dense packed cellulose), triple glazed insulated windows, airtight construction, and fresh air ventilation with heat recovery will dramatically reduce heating costs while achieving very comfortable living environments. Heat recovery on the warm wastewater will lower hot water costs. The central pellet boiler plant will use a locally produced biomass fuel instead of imported fossil fuels to provide heat and hot water. Energy efficient lighting and the widespread use of daylighting will create bright interiors with low energy input. Most roofs are oriented towards the sun to support future solar collectors for electricity and hot water. Water use will be reduced with low flow fixtures and dual flush toilets. A healthy indoor environment is provided by selection of low-toxicity building materials and a fresh air ventilation system with heat recovery. The buildings are designed and detailed to be durable and low maintenance. When finished, Nubanusit Neighborhood will be amongst the greenest neighborhoods in the Northeast." Marc Rosenbaum, Nationally Recognized Energy Consultant ,
We are located in  Peterborough, New Hampshire in an area known as the
Monadnock area, after the beautiful, single peak which dominates our local landscape. What this part of southern NH has to offer is quite unique. We are a progressive area with much of cultural interest, including a very vibrant arts community and "an entrpreneur under every rock". Lots of free thinkers and activists activities. Peterborough is home the MacDowell Colony, the oldest artists' colony in the US. Downtown Peterborough is small enough to get around easily yet has everything you need: a full service market including a butcher and fresh fish, a health food store, a variety of restaurants, post office, town offices, pharmacy, shops of all kinds, art gallaries, professional
offices, we even have a museum (The Mariposa  Museum) dedicated to
multiculturalism. In addition we have Monadnock Community Hospital with a state of the art wellness/fitness center for community use. We have many local independent private schools as well as a good public school system. In addition, the landscape is beautiful and there is an environmental awareness which has kept strip malls, big boxes and drive-thru fast food chains out of town, and organic farms and conservation land in. Given the progressive zoning in Peterborough our cohousing ecovillage, with a farm and some commercial activity on site, did not need any land use variances. Peterborough is about an hour and a half drive from Boston, the seacoast and the White Mountain National Park.

We hope that you are interested in exploring joining us. If so, we look
forward to meeting you sometime soon.

With warm  regards,
Shelley Goguen  Hulbert
Shelley Goguen  Hulbert
Nubanusit Neighborhood  & Farm
_Sghulbert@aol.com_ (mailto:Sghulbert [at]
_www.peterboroughcohousing.org_ (http://
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