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I went to the Green Housing Show at the National Building Museum in DC
back in January and enjoyed it very much, mainly for the opportunity to
see and touch many green materials for counters, cabinets, flooring, wall
coverings, etc. The Sustainable house that is partially assembled on site
is interesting, and some of the structural choices were nicely described.

It presents a nice overview of many of the materials available, with
little real pricing information (I felt envious of all the upscale green
options that had been donated by manufacturers; our eco-friendly coho
project has received no such grants or perks).  The Resource Guide is
quite useful. Check out the website before you go; much of the information
available at the exhibit can be obtained there (for folks who can't make
it to DC) though tactility is invaluable. Some luscious pictures and
descriptions of architect-designed buildings (way beyond our means) , and
(comparatively) few affordable options, including a 13,000 population
Green Village in Finland.

   Joel Plotkin

   Hundredfold Farm Cohousing

   Orrtanna, PA

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