Re: sample document library: laying the groundwork
From: Eris Weaver (
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2007 12:29:30 -0800 (PST)
Andrew Netherton wrote:
> Knowing this may absolutely bury me in e-mail for a good 
> couple of months, I would like to step forward and volunteer 
> to compile such a library....

Thanks for stepping forward!
> Lastly, once it's all compiled, is there anyone out there 
> that would be willing to make this sample library available online?

Personally I would love to see this on the Cohousing USA Website rather
than on somebody's personal host. (Of course, I can't speak for the
office/web folks there as to the appropriateness/do-ability of this...)

Ann Zabaldo wrote:
> there was a suggestion of using a a Wikipedia for 
> this....Is a  
> Wikipedia an option for this kind of information?

Just to clarify geek is the general term for this type of
do-it-yourself, multiple-creator, collaborative website. The online
encyclopedia Wikipedia is a specific INSTANCE of a wiki. (Kinda like
Kleenex is a specific *brand* of tissue...) So, while folks COULD add
this stuff to would be most useful in a
cohousing-specific wiki, hosted by CohoUSA or elsewhere. 

At FrogSong, we have a wiki for our policies etc. but it is
password-protected so as to only be available to our residents. It isn't
used by but a few of us geeks, though.

Eris Weaver, Facilitation & Group Process Consultant

FrogSong, a cohousing community in Cotati, CA

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