Re: sample document library: laying the groundwork
From: Lyle Scheer (
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2007 12:56:51 -0800 (PST)
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Not entirely true.  We use for our site,  It implements access control so that you
can assign editing access to certain areas, as well as viewing access.

- - Lyle

Stuart Joseph wrote:
> Ann,
> The only problem that I can see with a Wiki, is that anyone can edit or 
> change the entries, unless there was a way to link to the PDF documents 
> from the Wiki page. Since I am not familiar with Wiki's, I don't know if 
> that was possible.
> Ann Zabaldo wrote:
>> Andrew -- thank you for stepping forward to take on this important  
>> task.  I do believe CohoUS was doing something about this and someone  
>> else on this list volunteered as well?
>> Just to keep you from being buried in too many emails ... you  
>> know ... there was a suggestion of using a a Wikipedia for this.  I'm  
>> no expert so I don't know what the limitations are but I hear that  
>> one of the advantages is that a Wikipedia manages itself. That is,  
>> people can add, edit or delete information directly without going  
>> through a human being manning a digital control booth.  Is a  
>> Wikipedia an option for this kind of information?
>> Ann Zabaldo
>> Cohousing Collaborative
>> McLean, VA
>> On Feb 13, 2007, at 9:07 AM, Andrew Netherton wrote:
>>> Hello everyone,
>>> On 2/12/07, in a thread formerly known as "how can a new group use
>>> existing knowledge?", Tree Bressen <tree [at]> wrote:
>>>> 6. Over the years there has been talk, and even some initial  
>>>> attempts made,
>>>> at compiling a library of sample documents.  Policies on specific  
>>>> subjects,
>>>> and so on.  I have the impression that this project has never been
>>>> completed into a usable form, and that's very unfortunate.
>>> Knowing this may absolutely bury me in e-mail for a good couple of
>>> months, I would like to step forward and volunteer to compile such a
>>> library.  I'm not sure how (or how quickly), but I'll figure that out
>>> as I get submissions.  Before I put out a call for submissions, I'd
>>> like to get some feedback on the submission guidelines I've drafted:
>>> 1) File format: text or PDF only.  Please don't send Word files,
>>> scanned images, PowerPoint presentations, just plain text or PDF.
>>> This is to make sure the result is as neutral and accessible as
>>> possible.
>>> 2) No copyrighted documents.  The purpose of this is to share, and to
>>> allow other groups to borrow liberally to form their own
>>> documentation.  I'm not sure if this would ever be an issue, but may
>>> as well addresss it up front.
>>> 3) Each document must have a Title (so we know what we're looking at
>>> and how to organize it in the sample catalogue), and contain the
>>> submitting group's name, location, and contact information (minimum
>>> one of e-mail address, phone number, postal address).
>>> Any other guidelines that would be helpful?
>>> One thought I had was to ask that only groups that are 2 years or more
>>> past move-in submit, as they will be the groups that have fully
>>> exercised all their policies, from first forming through to actual
>>> operation.  Yes, groups that are formed but haven't moved in may have
>>> something to contribute, but I can't think of a better way to make
>>> sure the documents we're sampling have actually been tested through
>>> use and change.
>>> Of course, if anyone has previous attempts at such a compilation,
>>> please contact me and I'll incorporate what you have.
>>> Please note I am only looking for feedback on the proposed submission
>>> guidelines!  Do NOT send me any documentation yet (I will provide a
>>> separate e-mail for that purpose)!
>>> Lastly, once it's all compiled, is there anyone out there that would
>>> be willing to make this sample library available online?
>>> Regards,
>>> Andrew Netherton
>>> Laurel Creek Commons (looking for documents ourselves)
>>> Waterloo, ON, Canada
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