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Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2007 06:40:53 -0700 (PDT)
Hi Diana - Greetings from sunny Florida.  I'm checking with my associate to see 
how he would be willing to make schematics of our design available and will let 
you know as soon as I work it out with him. My "Caregiver Cottage" is based 
upon a B&B model that pays particular attention to private and communal spaces. 
 Its 4 BR suites each with private sundeck/entrances are large enough to 
include a kitchenette if allowed by zoning.  They do not open into a common 
room (an arrangement which I, personally, have experienced and do not 
recommend).  There's a gourmet kitchen in the design, but I guess, that that 
could be changed if each unit had kitchenettes.  My original concept was for a 
shared residence with one common kitchen.

My Caregiver Cottage business is separate from my effort in elder cohousing.  
That cohousing project needs a developer to build a local group 13, detached 
cottages plus a common house.  It's coming right along.  These cottages are 
more narrow that my 2 BR, 2 BA Caregiver Cottage and are giving me some problem 
trying to fit 2 master BR's.  I might have to settle for 1 master bedroom plus 
a den/guest room and second BA.  I'm eager to see what develops.     
.....Van.....   941.408.7440
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  Is anyone able to post links to floor plans and images of Shared Unit 
  Designs?  I remember a floorplan  I saw on an Austin, Texas cohousing 
  site some months ago which was very interesting.  Four units around a 
  shared common room.  Each studio apartment had a bath and a private 
  outside entrance.  The idea of designing units off the common house is 
  also interesting in that older people with limited mobility could 
  continue being active in activities in the common house even in bad weather.

  I'm a visual person and would love to see the design from the Elder 
  Cohousing in Venice, Florida.

  Diana Porter
  Cincinati Ecovillage
  Involved in applying to be a LEED-ND pilot neighborhood

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