Re: Subject: Re: Seeking info about women sharing cohousing units
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2007 08:54:57 -0700 (PDT)
My associate has agreed to make our schematics available after he has removed 
the dimensions.  He has a very busy schedule, but we hope to post them in about 
one month.  I hope that this is useful to anyone seeking to experience this 
mini-cohousing experience.  If you have any interest in having one built for 
you and your friends here on the Suncoast, please give me a call.     
.....Van.....   941.408.7440
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    If the units are designed as bedroom/bathroom/sitting-room suites 
  sharing a common kitchen and living rooms, can one then have a 
  mixed-gender shared cohousing unit?  After all, elderly men have much the 
  same community needs themselves.


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  I'm helping to develop elder cohousing in Venice, FL.  I'm also an advocate
  of Shared Housing and have designed two, barrier free models for this
  purpose.  One model is a 1200 ft2, 2BR, 2BA, split design cottage (2 master
  BR suites).  The other model is a much larger, 4BR, 4.5BA mini estate ( 4
  master BR suites).  I'm living in and sharing the smaller model, but I
  haven't had the opportunity to build the larger model.  I always thought
  that the 4 master BR suite (based on a B&B design) would be best utilized by
  three owners who would have the 4th suite available for guests, renters, or
  caregivers.  If you've got the people; I've got the design.

  Van Deist
  Venice, FL

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