Second Life
From: maggiedutton (
Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2007 13:20:11 -0700 (PDT)

Zev Paiss  wrote> 
> See you on Etopia Island!

Speaking of Islands, have any cohousing folks ventured into the virtual
world called Second Life?  We recently discovered it and are fascinated with
the possibilities.  Communities form there and build their own projects
(virtually).  It would be fun to see a cohousing group use it for virtual
meeting space with everyone's Avatar in attendance...and then the
design/build type people could create a virtual project on land the group
could buy. (for very little)  You could actually try out a lot of things in
designing the social and governance side of a group.  We want to use it for
virtual classrooms.  The technology seems to have come from the gaming world
but this is far from a game and seems to be the way of the future.
Computers older than a couple of years may have some problems gaining full
functionality.  Mine had trouble until I got more memory.
Anyway...I am forming a group there called Sociocracy.  I did a search in
Second Life to see if there were any places or groups with cohousing in the
name and ....not who will be the first to take this leap?
This is the web site where you can learn more about Second Life and download
the program to explore this new world. 
If you do go there and want a friend to look name there is Maggie
Nagy...just say you are a cohouser.
Maggie Dutton,

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