Re: Baby Welcoming Celebrations
From: Jeanne Goodman-JP Cohousing (
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2007 09:26:34 -0700 (PDT)
Oh Andrea,

How wonderful. At JP Cohousing in Boston, we will soon be blessed with our first, two post-move in babies. I'm eagerly looking forward to your replies. When have you typically found people holding this celebration?

Jeanne Goodman,
Jamaica Plain Cohousing,
Boston, MA

----- Original Message ----- Subject: [C-L]_ Baby Welcoming Celebrations

We here at Nevada City Cohousing have the great joy of welcoming some new born members into our community. Many years ago, I attended a Baby Welcoming Celebration which I found quite enjoyable but can't remember all the things we did at the celebration. One of the components which I do recall was for the community members to write letters to the baby to be opened on his/her 12th birthday.

I was hoping some of you would share with me any special traditions or celebrations your communities use to welcome new born members into the fold.

Thanks so much.


Andrea Carlson
Nevada City Cohousing

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