Re: cohousing culture
From: Lynn Nadeau (
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2007 20:04:44 -0700 (PDT)
Dear Gerald,
Your question is impossibly broad, and very absolute.
The answer is that many many intentional communities have made many modifications of "cultures", and also tend to attract people who already want to do things in more enlightened ways. The culture of ICs is the combination of the individuals involved, after all. It's not like we have made some sort of science-fiction society, where nasty mainstream rednecks step into a machine and suddenly are all warm and cooperative! A short answer. I live in cohousing. I live in a liberal town of 8000. In both contexts I can say that I interact little or not at all with people who are cold and impersonal, raise their children in what I consider abusive ways, eat horribly, drive Hummers, or vegetate in front of Fox News, dreaming of further personal greed and materialism! I have warm and friendly relationships with a great many people, at least 25 of whom live within sight of my home. I eat organic fruits, grains, eggs, and vegetables, often from local gardens and farms. I raised a child who is healthy and happy and self assured, and about as un-greedy or materialistic as one can be. I suggest you snuggle up with a copy of the FIC's Directory of Intentional Communities. And, or, read any of the many books about existing cohousing, ecovillage, and other ICs. I'm sorry you seem to have had such a negative experience living in this country. It needn't be that way...
Lynn at RoseWind

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