Affordability responses and media piece
From: April (
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2007 10:38:18 -0700 (PDT)
Hi all - 

I wanted to belatedly thank everyone for sharing your experiences and offering 
advice about how to make cohousing affordable; I received a lot of responses, 
both on and offlist.  I compiled them and my group has been discussing them 
(and probably will continue discussing them for a while).

It feels as though there is a bit of a split among the responses - between 
those who feel that *building is expensive* and, really, we're just going to 
have to accept that fact and try to find ways of subsidizing expensive homes - 
and those who are consider "cohousing" a much looser term, maybe more akin to 
the intentional communities movement than the cohousing movement.  I think each 
side offers thought-provoking commentary, and advice that we will definitely 
consider.  But this split is so interesting to me personally because I was the 
one who organized our initial meetings with the insistence that we were 
creating an ecovillage in the spirit of the contemporary cohousing movement, 
not the broader (narrower?) intentional communities movement, which often, I 
think, conjures up images of income-sharing dormitories.  First, it was 
entirely unnecessary for me to worry about others worrying that I was 
interested in creating something like the latter - you live, you learn - and 
second, we have evolved in a way that, so far, seems to be working for all of 

On another note, I thought I'd share that we made the paper - our local 
Schenectady Gazette interviewed me for an article, and did a really nice job, I 
thought.  You have to search for"cohousing" and pay for it on their site - - but I am trying to reformat it to post on our site.  
(...which I hope isn't copyright infringement...)  Our site is undergoing a 
transition to another format - but it should be up within the week or so.

Thanks again for all of your advice!  

April Roggio
Capital District Eco-Housing
info [at]
Come meet us!
Honest Weight Food Coop on April 18th, 6:30pm
Or at Indian Ladder Farm during Earth Day weekend (April 21st and 22nd)

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