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Thanks for posting my reply to the topic of "Sustainable Social Structures'.

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Thank you Lavinia for presenting the topic of "Community Life Span" to the
co-housing list serve. The Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area has seen the
closing of one hospital and presently another hospital is scheduled to
close. Both hospitals are in neighborhoods, where a great proportion of
African Americans and or working class population live. The views that
have been expressed, in efficient community planning and development; seem
to over look the importance of integrating co-housing and new residents
into communities. The factor of education and literacy of finance are a
foundation to any community's life span. A co-housing development group
and potential resident must understand the multiple factors of
accountability in the planning and infrastructure of a community. I
commend the green sustainable community approach; but with any community
development concept that has been planned, an efficient implementation
takes time.

NGO (Non-Government Agencies) networks are very helpful in providing case
studies and community related datum that are difficult to access from
various branches of state, local, and national government. It is important
understand the level of participation a resident must have; and the
institutions of foundation of a community. NGO and Government agencies can
aid the process of developing platforms of foundation for developing
co-housing communities. Knowledge of how our actions are related to a
community governance, and strategic viable development is important.

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> Juva,
> When I last checked, Oregon was the only state that is actually changing
> their actions re: the medical care of the disabled and chronically ill.
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