Conference 2008 - Program Committee
Date: Thu, 3 May 2007 14:28:37 -0700 (PDT)
Hello again from your Cohousing Conference coordinator,
  So that we may plan many fantastic and interesting programs for next  year's 
conference, we've already enlisted the able assistance of New  View (Acton, MA) 
Cohousing's Steven Hecht to lead our Programming  Team.  Steve is now asking 
for part time volunteers to help with  the work of this committee.  
  Programming involves choosing topics, themes, and speakers for the  
conference attendees.  We hope to have a broadly based series of  presentations 
that will cover the issues and challenges relevant to  unaffiliated cohousing 
enthusiasts, newly formed groups, groups in  various stages of development, and 
established communities.  Many  of you have already contacted me about speaking 
or planning a track -  thank you!!  We appreciate the early interest more than 
you  know.  Steve is now the point person for these inquiries, and I  will be 
passing all current contact info to him.
  Please contact Steve at shecht [at] or at 978-635-1145 if you  
are interested in helping out or just want to chat about possible ways  to 
become involved.  This will be fun and interesting work!
  ~ Whitney Schmidt ~
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