Rising Sales Prices - Rising Property Taxes for Everyone Else
From: Ronald Frederick Greek (fred.greekyahoo.com)
Date: Mon, 14 May 2007 15:03:24 -0700 (PDT)
Racheli, et all: 

If we live in "desirable" homes, or identical homes in a "better" neighborhood, 
the asking price is higher.  The price between a willing seller and buyer is 
none of our "concern"? 

EXCEPT:  If the seller GETS such a higher price, expect that the County is 
going to evaluate surrounding properties higher, and raise your annual property 
taxes.  Over the course of years, as homes swap hands, and prices tend ever 
higher, even if you are a long-term resident, with a relatively low 30 year 
mortgage, you're going to find you property taxes going up, and you insurance 
as well, to cover the increased "value" of your home.

Real property taxes are one of the driving forces in sprawl, vs infill and 
upgrade.  I'd love to see an Arizona initiative on the ballot to eliminate real 
property tax.

Real property tax hits worst those on a fixed income.  For Tucson (Pima County) 
Arizona, this years tax lien sale had quite a few homes where the home had been 
owned for a long time, and the property taxes had grown to exceed what had been 
the mortgage.  

Ronald Frederick Greek
  Moderator (Electronic Janitor)
Sustainable Tucson
  "Stabilization of human numbers is no solution... To speak of an actual 
reduction of human population - exactly what is needed if the world is to avoid 
unprecedented human dieoff through famine, pestilence, and war - is unthinkable 
and unspeakable, at least in polite company.  Not just Catholics and 
conservatives, but liberals as awll become positively apoplectic if the subject 
is broached.  And so the discussion necessary to understanding our econlogical 
dilemma, and dealing effectively with it, never occurs."
  - Richard Heinberg, Power Down


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