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Oh, I thought this was Peterborough, England!

Are there any Brits out there who are interested in a new, senior-based
community (not exclusively senior based - but esp. for seniors who are
prepared to invest in the community & not give it all to their (relatively
affluent) children.

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Dear Cohousing friends,
I am one of the members of Nubanusit Neighborhood and Farm in Peterborough  
NH.  Our homes and farm are currently under construction; and we still  have

homes available, see _www.peterboroughcohousing.org_ 
( .  Our green standards are very high
which means our prices are 
higher than the  norm (for our area).  It is always a challenge to 
prioritize/balance  sustainability and costs.  Some of the green features of
our homes are 
as  follows:
·         Combined approaches of  high insulation levels, triple glazed 
windows, airtight construction, and fresh  air ventilation with heat
dramatically reduce heating costs while  achieving very comfortable living 
·         Heat recovery on the  warm wastewater will lower hot water costs.

·         The central wwod  pellet boiler plant will use a locally produced 
biomass fuel instead of imported  fossil fuels to provide heat and hot
We understand that currently,  ours is the largest district heating system 
using biomass in the U.S. 
·         Energy efficient  lighting and the widespread use of daylighting 
will create bright interiors with  low energy input.  
·         Most roofs are  oriented towards the sun to support future solar 
collectors for electricity and  hot water.  
·         An internal electrical  metering system is in place for future 
metering of on-site green electricity  generation. 
·         Water use is reduced  with low flow fixtures and dual flush 
·         A healthy indoor  environment is provided by selection of 
low-toxicity building materials and a  fresh air ventilation system with
heat recovery. 
·         The buildings are  designed and detailed to be durable and low 
·         The site design  preserves the farm fields, wetlands, river and 
woodlands for food production,  wildlife and recreation. 
·         The neighborhood is a  1.25 mile walk from downtown Peterborough. 
·         Office/studio rental  space is available on-site. 
·         An on-site biodynamic  farm will produce food for local 
Shelley Goguen  Hulbert
Shelley Goguen  Hulbert
Nubanusit Neighborhood &  Farm
Sghulbert [at]

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