Management structures sought
From: Susan Sweitzer (
Date: Sun, 20 May 2007 08:24:31 -0700 (PDT)
After 6 years of community living, Cobb Hill is investigating successful
management structures used by other co-housing communities.  If you are
willing to share yours, or have it posted on your website, we would be
grateful to hear about it.

By management structures we mean something like this:

Pioneer Valley: 
Three leadership groups 
1.      Hub:  tracks work - roads, garden, meals, budgets
2.      Facilitation team - figures out how to move decisions forward,
content stuff
3.      Community support team - surfaces dynamics and creates a container,
they are mediators, and willing to arrange mediations
Decision making by ???

Cobb Hill co-housing:
Rotating Co-clerks, 
committees with specific responsibilities for Land, Membership, Finances,
maintenance, common house.  
No committee with responsibility for overall community building.
Decision making by consensus

Thanks for any help you can offer,

Susan Sweitzer
Karyn Stack
Cobb Hill Co-housing
3 Linden Road
Hartland, VT 05048
802-436-1277 xt 104
FAX 802-436-1281
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