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Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 23:29:12 -0700 (PDT)
Hi folks,

For those of you who live in the San Francisco Bay Area, i am happy to inform you of three upcoming opportunities to deepen your skills in group facilitation, one with me and two with others. Feel free to forward as appropriate. Thanks!

--Tree Bressen

1. Community Facilitator Intensive: July 19-22 at Pleasant Hill Cohousing

There are still slots available for the next workshop in the northern California community facilitator intensive series. The theme for this weekend is "The Energetics of Group Dynamics," and our topics will include:

Openings & Closings
Accessing Intuition
Moving with the Flow (Pacing, Keeping Centered as the Agenda Shifts, & More)
Being Decisive: How to Support the Group to Converge & Wrap Up!
Use of Humor (with guest presenter Eris Weaver)
Meetings as Ritual
Holding the Energy

This is weekend #7 in the series but we've had new students every time and you are definitely still welcome to join us even if you have never attended one of these sessions before! Also for the first time we are looking at offering a *childcare* option, so i encourage you to invite parents you know, who often are unintentionally barred from workshops of this kind, to consider attending.

The intensives are a special and wonderful collection of people and experiences, with strong support to and from our host communities. It's a fun opportunity to meet people from a variety of communities, as well as learn a tremendous amount about facilitation packed into a few short days. To learn more about the series, see Like all of my work, this workshop is offered on a gift economy basis. To sign up, please contact registrar Liz Logan, lizlogan [at] or 770-527-7075.

2. Dynamic Facilitation Training with Jim Rough comes to San Francisco: August 2007

I am forwarding this message to my Bay Area list because i took this training some years back and thought it was fabulous. Jim's method arises from research into how creativity *really* happens (which isn't through the usual brainstorming techniques). To my mind it's not a suitable approach for a standard business agenda, but it has an excellent shot at doing what most facilitation techniques struggle or fall down with: Dynamic Facilitation is a method for solving the "impossible" problems and dealing with "impossible" people. The training is high energy, and the group i took it with bonded so much at the time that we went on to do many joint projects and some of us have remained friends for years since. So consider checking this one out!

Dynamic Facilitation: Skills in emergent leadership for groups and organizations

Probably 3 days during the week of August 13, 2007 - exact dates TBA
8:30 AM ­ 4:30 PM
$1195 Corporate, $995 Government, $795 Nonprofit (Inquire about group
discounts, trade or scholarships)
Location TBD

Dynamic Facilitation is a leadership approach to facilitating groups with the potential to transform conflicts, achieve creative breakthroughs, innovate, improve performance and quality, involve citizens and work teams in meaningful dialogue, and build teams or community.

For more information, please see Instructor Jim Rough originated Dynamic Facilitation. He is author of Society's Breakthrough! Releasing the Essential Wisdom and Virtue in All the People. To register, please contact DeAnna Martin at deanna [at] or 206-965-8498.

3. South Bay Workshops in: Strategic Planning (June 29), Collaboration (July 27)

I have never heard of this presenter before, but received this message in my In box through the mysterious mechanisms of the email era. I decided to forward it to y'all because his outfit is coming from a social change perspective and is offering these workshops at very affordable rates. If you go i hope you will let me know afterward how it was, to help me determine whether or not to recommend his workshops in the future.

"South Bay Workshops"

A. Strategic planning without a consultant: Going solo safely
Friday, June 29, 2007 (Cupertino, CA) 9am-3pm

No other kind of planning is as consequential for your organization as strategic planning--the process of building a well-considered course and structure for your work. Often it requires costly external resources to ensure good process, detailed coordination, planning expertise and objectivity. It is, however, possible to do primarily in-house (and save significant resources), if you have a good grip on the fundamentals.

B. Joining forces: Joint efforts, coalitions, networks and other collaboration for change
Friday, July 27, 2007 (Cupertino, CA) 9am-3pm

Working with other organizations offers new possibilities, resources, efficiencies, insights and other great synergies, but entering into collaboration can make you wish you never left home. Learning fundamentals of collaboration for change opens the door and turns on the lights too.

Workshops are led by Skip Spitzer, principal of Root Action Consulting ( Root Action Consulting supports effective change through effective public action.


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