Re: who is doing sociocracy?
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we are-Legacy Farm Cohousing in Rosendale

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Subject: [C-L]_ who is doing sociocracy?

I have heard of two communities or communities in development practicing
sociocracy: Champlain Valley Cohousing
<>  (Charlotte, Vermont) and
Ecovillage of Loudoun County <> , Virginia and
Old in NY

Can anyone tell me if there are others?

I am presenting sociocracy as a cohousing organizational structure and
decision making process to an ad hoc governance committee meeting tonight at Pioneer Valley Cohousing. I have been learning and teaching sociocracy for a
couple of years. A number of us at PVCC are not happy with our current
governance structure (consensus by those in attendance at General Meeting). For me primarily because of its conservative nature (it is very difficult to
make changes).

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