who is doing NVC?
From: jkgonzalez (jerrycommunicatingwithcompassion.org)
Date: Thu, 24 May 2007 08:16:35 -0700 (PDT)
Is NVC (Nonviolent Communication) an integral or formal process in any way
in any cohousing communities? 


I know many of us in cohousing communities have learned NVC as individuals.
I have done workshops on NVC at Pioneer Valley Cohousing and at Rocky Hill
Cohousing, both in Massachusetts. Who else has done NVC workshops for which
cohousing communities?


I would like to report more accurately on the presence of NVC in cohousing
communities when I do NVC workshops, and I would like to network more around
the cohousing-NVC connection.


I will be doing a two-day Communication with Compassion workshop (NVC
intro/foundations) on June 2-3 in Lexington/Arlington, Massachusetts. Love
to have more cohousers join us. (See communicatingwithcompasion.org
<http://www.communicatingwithcompassion.org/> )


Jerry Koch-Gonzalez

Pioneer Valley Cohousing, MA


email: jerry [at] communicatingwithcompassion.org

website: communicatingwithcompassion.org


* Training & Consulting Services: organizational development, leadership
coaching, communication skills, sociocracy

* Communicating with Compassion: workshops based on the work of Marshall
Rosenberg and cnvc.org

* Counseling/Coaching: Individuals, Couples


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