Re: who is doing sociocracy?
From: Lavinia Weissman (
Date: Thu, 24 May 2007 10:05:06 -0700 (PDT)
NVC is an exceptionally remarkable commitment on the part of any community.

It also assures that you speak your mind and don't fall back to behaviors
of "being nice". It means you speak respectfully and describe well a need
and point of view. It requires anyone to take responsibility for examining
their own personal shadows even if they are not clear on how to counteract
the challenges they experience in life.

NVC has not evolved to link well with economic and workforce development,
It is a basis from which to respond compassionately to hardship and the
difficult conversations around lifecycles, which I teach.  It is not an
end unto itself. It requires very very deep listening in community.

It is my belief that more and more communities are going to examine
closely the relationship of economic realities to NVC and how people in
any community can encounter economic hardship which the Baby Boomers in
many instances failed to prepare for.

My community of practice is growing to working with this issue more.  In
fact we are now developing a program offered to young adults through
college curriculum and baby boomers who want careers to work by choice or
because they have to.

There is a very deep gap in civil dialogue now between people less than 30
something with people over 40 something that is also symptomatic in the
way people are employed in the US. I saw this in a small way through the
facilitation work I did in community with Attorney Danny Sheehan in the
late 90's in California for the extended community of people that emerged
through the Tide Center, State of the World Forum and Noetic Science
Community.  I am merely a member of these communities as a citizen and not
a director in anyway. I made this work through my understanding the focus
of attention for
WorkEcology.  Our pilot workshops now work and we are available to offer
them in introduction to any community based on what we need to support
ourselves and what the community can afford.  The initial group of
facilitators working with me are based on the east and west coast.

I do not have much time to chat about this since WorkEcology is now moving
forward and has convened its initial community to examine this through the
perspective of health, education and work in partnership with and We welcome partners
and people sincere in learning how to apply what we know from research and
dialogue within their communities and assure that all our projects are
funded and have a budget before we proceed. This type of teaching requires
an expertise and opening to new ideas around dialogue and money that are
not part of the practices we operate out of in community as a norm.

It is my opinion that Cohousing now reflects the Blessed Unrest that is a
topic of Paul Hawkens new book and like anything based on the natural
energy of people who volunteer or work, it takes time to understand the
new economic emerging models that will make all of this less chaotic.

I value my learning from many people like Hazel Henderson who have taught
me to be patient with the learning to the degree that I personally can do

Lavinia Weissman
Managing Director

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On Thu, May 24, 2007 10:48 am, Juva DuBoise wrote:
>>I have heard of two communities or communities in development practicing
>> sociocracy: Champlain Valley Cohousing
>> <>  (Charlotte, Vermont) and
>> Ecovillage of Loudoun County <> , Virginia
>> and
>> Old in NY
>> Can anyone tell me if there are others?
> We, at CoHo Ecovillage - Corvallis Oregon, Use some parts of sociocracy.
> 2
> of the 4 facilitators have taken the 2 day training with John B., I did
> the
> teleclass for facilitation.
> We have adopted the sociocratic selection process and use more rounds than
> we use to.  It hasn't been an easy switch, but slowly the group is
> learning
> to appreciate the value of it.
> Juva
> Ah, Community - check it out!
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