Re: who is doing NVC
From: Lynn Nadeau (
Date: Thu, 24 May 2007 10:25:45 -0700 (PDT)
NVC is used a lot in the Port Townsend (WA) Ecovillage.
At RoseWind Cohousing, we have had some training and it is used a little. A number of members have done additional trainings, so there is a fair bit of awareness. ******************* The PTEV is in active formation, with weekly meetings and a number of current on-site projects, such as extensive gardens, a large shared house and some cabins already on the land. PTEV names NVC as a basic principle, and NVC training is expected of all members. It is also expected that anyone with a personal concern or conflict with other members will handle it in a small NVC session. The usual set-up is two parties who "need to talk", plus one or more NVC coaches, usually from the Facilitation team. That way, A can tell B what is going on for them, and when appropriate the coach can help translate that into NVC terms: "B, do I hear that you felt angry when A said...?" "How would you frame your Need? security? respect?" "Is there a request you would like to make of A?" "Would you like B to reflect back to you what he heard?" And such. Now and then there is a time at a meeting where NVC clearings are scheduled and there is a milling about and then if you have some concern with someone, you go and put your hand on them. You each then choose a witness/support/coach person and go off into a corner and talk things out. Sounds a bit scary, but in practice it works quite well and people often say they feel better afterwards. ********* At RoseWind Cohousing, a few blocks away, where I live, we've been a built community for many years. Over the years, we've had a few NVC workshops, in addition to many of us doing trainings as individuals, as they are offered regularly in our town. We haven't done any official adoption of the system, but enough of us know about it that it definitely is in the mix.
Lynn Nadeau
Port Townsend Washington

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