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Date: Sun, 27 May 2007 17:04:28 -0700 (PDT)

My research to date shows that the channel in question isn't in the satellite 
receiveable at Blacksburg and the CN8 website doesn't recognise my zipcode of 
I wrote the producer soon after he was here and asked if he could send a tape 
or DVD of the program 
segment or better yet , for us/me, all the hour long of material he shot here.  
But he didn't reply 
to me.  Clearly you have more leverage - as I would expect.
Of course I'd really like to see the program.  If you can somehow get a copy 
made of the DVD we'd 
love to have it, I'm totally willing to pay expenses for same.  With your 
network of experts I am 
confident that you will readily locate someone with the equipment and knowledge 
to duplicate a DVD.

Shadowlake Village.

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> Hi all!
> Many of you may be out of town on vacation on Monday but if you are
> not and you have copious amounts of free time you may wish to see
> this segment of "Retirement Living."  See below for times.  I am
> interviewed in the piece on Senior Cohousing.  The make up artist did
> such a great job I don't recognize myself -- I didn't wash my face
> for five days after the interview!  :-)  Michael Barrett, formerly a
> resident of Liberty Village Cohousing outside Frederick, MD and
> currently living at Shadowlake Village Cohousing in Blacksburg, VA is
> also interviewed.
> Neshama Abraham of Abraham Paiss Associates helped w/ all the content
> preparation for my part.
> Please note this program airs on ComCast Cable and DirectTV satellite
> -- not RCN cable or DishNetwork satellite.
> I have a DVD of the episode tho' I haven't a clue how to upload it to
> anything.
> Best --
> Ann Zabaldo


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