Pioneer Network on the Changing Culture of Aging
From: Lavinia Weissman (
Date: Sun, 27 May 2007 21:31:42 -0700 (PDT)
Hello Cohousing Villagers:

Pioneer Network has launched a new national website that highlights all
initiatives (by State) the changing culture of aging. Many people from
co-housing are participants in this new national movement.

My current review of this web site led me to be impressed with the virtual
structure of this initiative and culture change across the country. Pew
Charitable Trust has funded a group within Pew that track communities and
I am surprised I have not see any reporting from this group on the virtual
strength of this community on culture and change for aging.

While the National CoHousing list has promoted some activites in
cohousing, this is a only one view of what is emerging in this area. The
subject of culture and aging is pushing methods of innovation that cannot
be real estate or institutionally driven.  Some communities like Beacon
Hill in Boston are gathering to examine what can be done for "aging in
place" and how to bridge other gaps.  I learned about this project from
Raines Cohen.

Please take some time at this webstie if you are
interested in the culture of aging.

If you go to this page: - you can link to
a blog that links to all states and click on the state where you live to
learn about all the initiatives.

This social movement was woven together in parallel with some reward
programs set up by the Heinz Foundation in Pittsburgh, where there is a
significant local community for the Collaboration of Health and the

I have enjoyed watching this network take form over the last 2 years and
will be proposing to feature this network in a special project on health
care I have been asked to organize for potential funding.  I hope to learn
more from this community about how these initiatives are shifting the
delivery of health care to individuals who need care and community locally
to decrease their reliance on institutional care that is not structured to
support the aging and chronic illness.

Lavinia Weissman
Managing Director

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