Role of Elders: Study Course
From: Craig Ragland (
Date: Mon, 28 May 2007 07:48:13 -0700 (PDT)
Songaia Cohousing (41 people, 10.6 acres, near Seattle)
is about to start a new 5-week study course on "Elders as
Earth Keepers" - I've reviewed the study guide and there's
quite a bit on elders in community.

Any community interested in re-inventing or re-visioning the
role of their elders (or helping seniors become elders) may
find this of value. Here is the invitation that describes the

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From: Fred Lanphear
To: Songaia Residents

Dear Songaians,

I invite you to join me in a five-week discussion course to re-vision
the role of elders as Earth keepers. Some of you are not yet at the
elder stage, but I can assure you that you will be, sooner or later.
This is an opportunity for all of us to address two critical issues of
our time; the role of elders (in our community and society) and what
will be required of us to move towards a sustainable future.

This course is similar to the two recent NWEI courses (
we held at Songaia over the last year (CR: 10-12 adults participated)
It is self-facilitated with members taking turns opening, facilitating
and closing each session. The course will be held Wednesday evenings,
from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm, starting May 30th and ending June 27th. You do
not have to attend every discussion for it to be meaningful. I am also
inviting a few other folks, including those who are meeting to consider
developing the adjoining property and some from Sharingwood (CR:
another "nearby" cohousing community - just a 20 minute drive).

The course topics are as follows:
I.      Elders Today: Obstacles and Opportunities. By offering a vision of
what the Elder stage of life means & how it functions in the community,
we also address the issues that constitute our culture's lack of regard
for the Elder community.
II.     The Universe Story. Acknowledges that there is a greater story than
the human story that can inform the way we live and our perception of
our role in the Universe, particularly in recognizing the
interrelatedness of all that exixts.
III.    The Great Work. The challenges we face ecologically in order to be
able to healthfully live out the new cosmology.
IV.     Initiatives to Benefit Elders and Earth. Examples of what elders
are doing now to carry out the Great Work.
V.      Taking Action Now. Elders reflecting on their personal role in the
Universe Story/Great Work and planning ways to actively live out this

The study guide was created by Imago for the Earth (
and I have permission to make copies for $15 per copy. It would be
helpful to know how many are interested in participating in this course
and would like a copy. I will be available next Wednesday, May 23rd in
the living room at 7:30 if anyone would like to look at the study guide
before signing up. Otherwise, please let me know by then if you will
participate so I can make copies available before our first session.

For Earth and future generations,

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