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Anyone with a DVD burner and burning software in their computer should be able to burn it. If the DVD is copy protected, you will need a program like DVD Shrink to unlock it and then copy it.

Here is their web site:
It explains what it does, how it does it, and where to get it. Because US law won't let them also distribute it (you can guess why since it will also copy commercial DVD's), you have to find it elsewhere. Here is a place to get it:
Look under VOB Tools.

I would be wary of getting it elsewhere as DVDShrink is Freeware, so it doesn't cost anything and there are some places that charge for it.

Doom9 is also a wonderful resource for a lot of things, but especially for copying and burning DVD's.

Good Luck.

Michael Barrett wrote:

My research to date shows that the channel in question isn't in the satellite programming receiveable at Blacksburg and the CN8 website doesn't recognise my zipcode of 24060. I wrote the producer soon after he was here and asked if he could send a tape or DVD of the program segment or better yet , for us/me, all the hour long of material he shot here. But he didn't reply to me. Clearly you have more leverage - as I would expect. Of course I'd really like to see the program. If you can somehow get a copy made of the DVD we'd love to have it, I'm totally willing to pay expenses for same. With your network of experts I am confident that you will readily locate someone with the equipment and knowledge to duplicate a DVD.

Shadowlake Village.

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Hi all!

Many of you may be out of town on vacation on Monday but if you are
not and you have copious amounts of free time you may wish to see
this segment of "Retirement Living."  See below for times.  I am
interviewed in the piece on Senior Cohousing.  The make up artist did
such a great job I don't recognize myself -- I didn't wash my face
for five days after the interview!  :-)  Michael Barrett, formerly a
resident of Liberty Village Cohousing outside Frederick, MD and
currently living at Shadowlake Village Cohousing in Blacksburg, VA is
also interviewed.

Neshama Abraham of Abraham Paiss Associates helped w/ all the content
preparation for my part.

Please note this program airs on ComCast Cable and DirectTV satellite
-- not RCN cable or DishNetwork satellite.

I have a DVD of the episode tho' I haven't a clue how to upload it to

Best --

Ann Zabaldo

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