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From: Enid McKitrick (enidmckcomcast.net)
Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2007 07:54:01 -0700 (PDT)
We are in the preliminary stages of planning for a large ecovillage
somewhere in New England.   We're looking to combine a family farm with an
emphasis on the arts, especially music.  Our hope is that the farm will
eventually supply a large percentage of the community's food, and possibly
support some income producing businesses as well.  We'd like to be near a
town, but not in one.


We are mainstream professional people.  We believe that living in a
sustainable, earth-friendly way requires thoughtfulness but does not mean
deprivation.   We would love to achieve something like the integrity of a
European village, and the physical beauty of the village will be a priority.
We would like to be energy-independent, or at least close to it, and want to
look at the full range of options for achieving that.  We love the idea of
living in community with our neighbors and working together to achieve a
richer life.


It is not our intention that every member of the community will necessarily
do farm work.  Each member will contribute, but in different areas.  We are
especially looking for:


            Musicians, especially classical

            Organic farmers with experience in sustainable agriculture and
animal husbandry

            Business experts           

            Artisans of all descriptions, including bakers and chefs

            Engineers and technicians attracted to interdisciplinary
innovation and problem-solving


We want to include members of all ages and configurations - singles,
couples, families with children, retirees.  Our community will not be
faith-based and will certainly not have an official religion, but members
should be accepting of spiritual practice.  


We would like to attract a core group of eight to ten families within the
next year so that we can begin looking for land by the end of 2008.   


Please email me if you are interested, or if you have ideas/experience in
getting a new community off the ground.  Thank you!


Enid McKitrick

Currently in the Washington, DC area



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