National Conference Looking for a Keynote (a fundraising suggestion)]
From: Lavinia Weissman (
Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2007 12:02:48 -0700 (PDT)

Hi all,

Since the event is in JP - my old hometown community in Boston---

You might want to leverage off  a partnership with the JP neighborhood group
that I was organizing to do something thoughtful to build an sustainable
education center at JP Pond and the Old Mansion. Before I left Boston, I
had talked to Michael Jones, a concert pianist, about doing a fundraiser --- and

Michael has historically gathered people together for a Commons of
Imagination for numerous events, e.g. the City Managers National
Conference and entertained them to explore sustainable dialogue of
imagination to build a Commons, which is a very Boston type of thought.

You might be able to do the concert at the JP  Pond or the Curley Mansion
as a back up for rain? and raise some money and easily open an event to
Metro Boston that can raise your group money and pay Michael's fees.  I
never had a chance to talk to Spontaneous Celebrations of the other JP non
profit groups to see how we could use this to launch a community
foundation through the cohousing community that supports Boston wide

He had promised me modest fees as possible.  If you want to do that,
please call me at 617.461.0500 so I can tell you the ground work that I
laid to do this and how it might be organized to everyone's benefit.
Michael is a remarkable pianist on the record label and now
his own distributor and presentor. He is also associated with WorkEcology
and a Boston Consulting firm, so a visit to Boston might provide him
multiple reasons for which expenses can be shared.

Bill McKibben is great and you might ask Dave Wann to do a keynote, since
he will be there. I read his reader's proof for his new book and will be
featuring it in my journalism activity. The book is light fun and right on
about sustainable community.
Lavinia Weissman
Managing Director

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On Fri, June 8, 2007 6:50 am, Judith Bush wrote:
> You might consider asking Bill McKibben.  A strong theme of creating a
> community centered society - for food, for social strength, for reducing
> energy needs - is at the core of his latest book: Deep Economy.  You may
> have joined his Step It Up efforts already I've heard Bill speak several
> times, always find him relevant and moving.
> His home base is Middlebury, Vermont.
> Judith Bush, at Cobb Hill - Hartland, VT
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