7 room house set up for sharing (for sale)
From: carolyn gove (carolyngove88yahoo.com)
Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2007 03:34:41 -0700 (PDT)
this house, in WINCHESTER, MA, has a second floor master suite accessible only 
from the back hall, therefore having access to the kitchen for upstairs 
resident(s) and downstairs resident(s) without passing thru each others' space.
  the upstairs would be suitable for a single or a couple, and the downstairs 
would be suitable 
  for a parent & child or a couple comfortably, or if 2 children could share a 
  the house is 1344 SF, with an old garage, and a large basement.
  the 1st floor is 8500 SF with small/medium sized rooms, but adequate as long 
as you don't want the biggest furniture around. the 2nd floor is more than half 
as large, and it is quite spacious with a spacious 1985 bathroom. there is a 
space for frig/micro upstairs.
  the downstairs bathroom is older/smaller which is one of the reasons i think 
4 resident using only the 1st floor would be crowded.
  i have owned the house for 20 years, and shared it with 1 or 2 adults off and 
on very satisfactorly. i bought it for that purpose, had the upstairs finished 
- and now i would love to sell it to someone who wants/needs to share space.
  the 2nd downstairs bedroom could have a door into the kitchen and be a dining 
area to go with the upstairs space, if 2 parties wanted to share the house 
  there is plenty of parking. the house is in good condition. the yard needs 
  the house was built in 1920. frontage is 60' but backyard goes back about 
100' past the 
  back of the house, and woods are behind that.
  this town allows three totally unrelated adults only per single family house, 
or a family (very braodly defined) plus 2 more people. schools are top rated, 
taxes are currently about 4200 per year.
  i hope to pack my stuff by june 18, show the house to several people, then 
get it on mls for 400,000 by the end of that week. i'm sorry i didn't know 
about this list sooner, but if you are interested contact me NOW. i have info 
about good local financing.
  you could even contact me if you might like to rent the downstairs from a 
potential single buyer.
                                           carolyn gove

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