From: Ronald Frederick Greek (
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2007 12:05:51 -0700 (PDT)
Curious re "sociocracy"...
  Say it's a 20 family cooperative housing, everyone has their own fee-simple 
owned home and lot, with the 20 lots surrounding a common core (wild for now) 
  As is typical with homeowners associations, each lot gets one "vote"
  8 want to to leave the area wild
  4 want to divide it to plant family plot gardens
  4 want to plant it all in timber / shade trees
  4 want to plant it all in fruit / food trees
  EVERYBODY wants to stick a storage shed there, and has already done so.
  The CC&R's are no help, just indicating "majority" to establish any use...

Ronald Frederick Greek
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Sustainable Tucson
  "Stabilization of human numbers is no solution... To speak of an actual 
reduction of human population - exactly what is needed if the world is to avoid 
unprecedented human dieoff through famine, pestilence, and war - is unthinkable 
and unspeakable, at least in polite company.  Not just Catholics and 
conservatives, but liberals as awll become positively apoplectic if the subject 
is broached.  And so the discussion necessary to understanding our econlogical 
dilemma, and dealing effectively with it, never occurs."
  - Richard Heinberg, Power Down


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