Coho in the News: Congratulations Burlington (VT) Cohousing
From: Raines Cohen (
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2007 09:23:04 -0700 (PDT)
A nice story on TV News (or just the website?): WCAX-3 ran on Saturday June 16:

It opens:
A housing development in Burlington is like no other in the city. A group of people got together and decided to try a communal living arrangement that still keeps the advantages of home ownership.

It's great to see the mixed-income/affordable aspects highlighted, as well as the high sell-through rate:

Burlington Cohousing, as it's called, is due to be finished in November. It includes common spaces to be shared by all of the residents. Most of the 32 units are already sold, although three market rate homes and several affordable units are still available. The Champlain Housing Trust is providing grants for home buyers who can't afford a standard mortgage and qualify for a land trust arrangement.

I also like the environmental big-picture perspective:

This is probably the last large housing development in this mostly- developed neighborhood off East Avenue, just across the street from Fletcher Allen Health Care and near the University of Vermont. Its developers say you'll see more of this kind of housing across Vermont in the future. "There's a general feeling that we're coming to the end of our rope in terms of the damage that sprawl can do to the landscape, and to some extent to peoples' pocketbooks as gas prices go higher. So I've heard it predicted that the place to live in the future is going to be very close in, if not in the city," said Burlington Cohousing developer, Joan Knight.

and the regional this-is-just-the-beginning closer:
Two similar Cohousing projects have been built in Charlotte and one more in Hartland. That makes this Vermont's fourth and probably not its last.

I'm looking forward to visiting, perhaps in September when there will be a regional gathering in Cambridge (MA), leading up to the national conference in 2008. Cobb Hill Cohousing in Hartland is just incredible in its integration of farm with community.

at Berkeley (CA) Cohousing, where I keep running into people who were part of the group more than a decade and a half ago
Cohousing Coach, Planning for Sustainable Communities

Facilitator, East Bay Cohousing
Who learned a lot yesterday afternoon from an attorney about how to keep cohousing LLC's legal at a North Oakland Cohousing meeting

Regional Organizer, Northern California Cohousing
Who enjoyed a lovely BBQ picnic in downtown San Jose (CA) yesterday evening with a few fun folks re-energizing Silicon Valley Cohousing

Trainee, The Climate Project (presenting Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" slideshow) Looking forward to the "Cohousing and Climate Change" talk hosted by Orangevale (CA) Cohousing next Monday

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