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From: Lynette Bassman (
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2007 19:48:25 -0700 (PDT)

I am a member of La Querencia Cohousing in Fresno, California.  As we prepare 
to begin construction in the next month or so, and enter the final phase of our 
marketing efforts, we are planning to create a sort of virtual open house 
experience for prospective members, either in a sales trailer on our property, 
or at another location.  This would involve having our scale model, 
architectural drawings, samples of some materials, a powerpoint presentation, 
and a lot of blow-ups of pictures that will help people get the feel for what 
the homes would be like.  We keep hearing people say that it is hard to 
consider buying a home without being able to see a model home first, and not 
everybody is willing, at first, to travel to take a tour of other cohousing 

Since many of you are living in homes that will have similar materials and 
design to ours (particularly those designed in recent years by Chuck and 
Katie), I am hoping that some of you will do us the kindness of sending along 
some digital photos that we can use for this purpose.  These would be crisp, 
close-up shots of things like stairs, closets, kitchen cabinets, fixtures, 
windows, etc, that would demonstrate the high-quality construction, and also 
shots of rooms that would demonstrate how light-filled and beautiful they are.  
Video footage would be lovely, too.

Because it looks like soon we will only have upstairs two bedroom flats left, 
we would particularly value photos that show the charms of these homes.

We would be happy to create a powerpoint or Flickr account, or some other 
format that our more techno-saavy members will figure out, to share with other 
groups that might find this useful.  

If you are able to help us with this, please email them to me at info [at], or if for any reason that address can't handle the large 
file sizes, an alternative would be fresnocoho [at]  Or you can mail 
a CD to the address below.  It would be great if you would include a sentence 
in the email indicating that it is okay with you for us to use these photos in 
our own marketing efforts, and to share them with other cohousing communities 
as well.

Thank you so much for any help you can offer!

Lynette Bassman


635 East Cambridge Ave.

Fresno, CA  93704

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