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From: Lia Olson (
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2007 11:25:31 -0700 (PDT)
I hadn't yet gotten around to responding, but this is a topic dear to my heart.
 I want to retire and live in co-housing, but I won't have equity for a
down-payment and won't have anywhere near the income needed to buy into most
existing cohousing communities.   Which doesn't mean that I won't have a solid
pension and financial stability.  There must be a way for responsible folks
crafting a third act to their lives to create a viable community.   

I prefer remaining on this list.  As it is, I read only those posts with title
that reflects my interests.  That means that the plethora of topics that come
up on the main list does not have to daunt anyone with specific concerns.   At
the same time, there's a wealth of knowledge here that we ought to tap.  I like
being part of the larger movement toward creating community and not splitting
off as tho we were a very limited special interest group.   If we had a
concrete plan that needed discussing, it might make sense, but while seeking
fellow travellers and soliciting guidance from more seasoned forerunners, it's
good to be here.  

That doesn't mean that we might not want to seek out some private
correspondences, such as happens around almost any topic.  There's room for

I hope to see this topic grow and inspire meaningful discussion.


--- Marganne <marganne [at]> wrote:

> I'm torn between trying to keep this topic on the main list and 
> starting a separate mailing list. I suppose the large numbers of 
> private responses I received appeal to one side of the issue, yet I 
> received an equal number of responses (so far) on the main list.
> I agree with Sharon that there would be a great give and take of 
> valuable information on this topic if kept on the main list. Even if 
> another e-mail list is formed, I'd want to remain on this list to 
> share information.
> Unlike Sharon, I'm unable to keep up with multiple posts to multiple 
> lists on topics I want to learn more about. For my purposes, I see 
> this list and the Small Home Society e-mail list (also very active) 
> together. I've also been 'trolling' a wide variety of message boards 
> that attract this specific demographic.
> For now, I will stick with this topic on this main list.I encourage 
> those who have sent private e-mail to consider posting to this list 
> although I will respond privately. I have some ideas for setting 
> something up that  wouldn't separate information from being posted on 
> this list. I'll see if my idea works out and let you know. So, if 
> anyone else decides to set up a group focused on this topic, please 
> let me know. I'll do the same.
> At 8:23 AM -0400 6/28/07, Sharon Villines wrote:
> >On Jun 28, 2007, at 4:20 AM, Marganne wrote:
> >
> >>  I'm open to suggestions about how those of us who fit this
> >>  demographic (or close to it) can connect to figure out how to modify
> >>  the standard cohousing model to meet the needs of the 50+ boomers
> >>  without kids. Or maybe I'm missing another way of looking at what I'd
> >>  like to create for myself as I get older.
> >
> >I would really like to see this discussion in the list -- not taken 
> >to a separate list. I have some suggestions for moving it forward 
> >here. I moderate a lot of lists and from time to time join a lot 
> >more. Whenever I want to learn about a new subject, I go to 
> >YahooGroups and join every list related to the topic. That allows me 
> >to connect with experts fast, but it also allows me to see how lists 
> >are run and why some are good and some are useless.
> >
> >One thing that makes a good discussion is a moderator. This list has 
> >a  good moderator so over all it is a long lasting, on-topic, 
> >generative list. (Thanks, Fred!).
> >
> >But it also needs moderator functions applied to specific discussions 
> >-- different functions, but still taking things in hand.
> >
> >Name your discussion -- minimalist 50+ singles -- so people can 
> >follow the thread. In cohousing a location often does this focusing. 
> >Without a location, you need to create a focus.
> >
> >  From time to time, summarize where you are so far. Take some risks 
> >-- be a leader. Some one will disagree with you because they have 
> >different goals but you focus yours and those of the group you are 
> >forming around yourself.
> >
> >Any discussions about how to make housing more affordable will appeal
> >to everyone and there are some answers out there. Someone just needs
> >to pull them together.
> >
> >But please don't start a new list -- it just isolates the discussion 
> >and drains this one. The most active lists are big, focused ones (or 
> >time-limited, special project lists).
> >
> >Sharon
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> >Sharon Villines
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