[C-L] Announcement - Potential cohousing/eco-village in Shelburne Falls, MA
From: Ruthpoet (Ruthpoetaol.com)
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 11:37:02 -0700 (PDT)
Hi Everyone,
For those who don't know Shelburne Falls - it's a beautiful little town up  
in the hills of Western Massachusetts. About 2 hours from Boston, about 45  
minutes North of Northampton, and about 15 minutes from Greenfield, the largest 
big(ish) town.  It's a magnet kind of place, scenic and artsy, filled with  
galleries, cafes and good restaurants, with a "bridge of flowers" you can  walk 
across, and a beautiful river with "glacial potholes" (amazing holes and  
other formations carved in the river rock by glaciers).
Anyway, there is an amazing site for sale there -- it's 18 acres, with 1550  
feet river frontage, just two blocks from town. There are a bunch of old mill  
buildings on the site - it used to be the Lamson-Goodnow cutlery factory. The 
 price is steep, $1.7 million, but the possibilities are vast. My partner and 
I  are exploring the possibility of trying to do a large-ish 
eco-village/cohousing  complex, using the old mill buildings for the most part 
-- maybe 50 
units, plus  a big common house? We are flexible, low key people, so our vision 
is flexible  and low key as well -- lots of options for sharing meals, tools, 
activities,  etc., but little or nothing mandatory. We would want to do the 
construction in  VERY green fashion, and hope to have a wide range of unit 
from studios to  3 or 4 bedrooms.
I'm putting out the word locally as well as here, to see if people emerge  
who have the energy, and also some $, to help carry this forward. My idea is  
that we would work with Cohousing Resources, LLC to develop and build. But one  
person already interested is a historic preservation architect, which could be 
For more info, please contact me off-list at this email or at 413-367-0034.  

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