Re: 50+ and affordable
From: Marganne (
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 14:30:57 -0700 (PDT)
Dear Lia,

So glad to hear from another one of 'us'. Keep reading the list looking for 50+ and affordable - (your short topic here). I've been saving posts like yours so I can make up a list of people expressing interest in case some of us want to correspond privately, but I agree with your statement about continued participation in this list.

I guess the biggest difference between this approach and the 'regular' approach to forming a cohousing project is that the goals and similarities of vision will bring us together rather than a common geographical locality. A true use of the internet as an integral part of our lives.


At 11:25 AM -0700 6/29/07, Lia Olson wrote:
I hadn't yet gotten around to responding, but this is a topic dear to my heart.


If we had a
concrete plan that needed discussing, it might make sense, but while seeking
fellow travellers and soliciting guidance from more seasoned forerunners, it's
good to be here.

That doesn't mean that we might not want to seek out some private
correspondences, such as happens around almost any topic.  There's room for

I hope to see this topic grow and inspire meaningful discussion.


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