Re: 50+ and affordable
From: Marganne (
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 15:23:43 -0700 (PDT)
At 8:41 PM -0700 6/29/07, Cindy T wrote:
I'm single, no kids,  and just over 60 and am here too hoping to find a
compatible community that is also affordable.  My particular interest is in
environmentally friendly living.  I built a non-toxic energy efficient house
several years ago, and would probably like to have the flexibility to build
in a similar way.  I'm in Tucson, but would move if necessary.

Cindy T

Dear Cindy,

So glad you posted this to the list. You are just the sort of person I'd need to work with on a chohousing project -- a person with some building acumen and skills (which I don't have).

I waver on the importance of environmentally friendliness. I *do* want to walk gently on this earth and encourage others to do the same. But I've seen projects where 'going green' substantially boosted building expenses beyond what I can afford.

In the long run, I think being environmentally and energy efficient is less expensive. That's why I have come to believe that building smaller dwellings could help address both the environmental and financial concerns.

For me, I know there are creative (and legal) ways around restrictive building codes and mortgages. Building way out 'in the sticks' isn't the only alternative

I'm told many counties (Mendocino County in California) encourage people to consider alternative building plans. We may not see demand skyrocket for homes less than 1,000 square feet in the next few years. But I think there is ample evidence to show that will happen in the near future.

I've learned about most of this through the Small House Society mailing list. (No, I don't own stock in or have any financial incentive for recommending this mailing list.) Find it here:


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