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Tom Hammer wrote:

If that is your goal, I suggest joining a forming
group that looks promising early in the recruitment
process and then marketing the group with gusto among
your GLBT contacts.  You'll have a significant impact
on the community that way.  Early joiners + passion =
huge effects.
That is an excellent point. Caer Coburn is still recruiting members and we aren't making too many rules at this point because we want all of the members to be a part of the creation process, not just the few of us at the beginning.
Tom Hammer
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I'm new to the list, but was interested by this topic. My partner and I are 47 and 45, no kids. So the host of new elder-cohousing projects happening out there are probably 15 years premature for us, but the majority of other co-housing seems to be focused on raising kids, which also doesn't fit for us. Seems to me the childless 40s and 50s group is a whole 'nother demographic... We are fine with living with younger folks and older folks too, of course, but I'm talking about how the community is designed. (Also, we are lesbians, and a lot of communities seem to be designed with a very hetero focus, though "open to" others. Then there are the communities that are exclusively LGBT. We'd prefer more like a half and half mix. Anyone
else like us  out there?)

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