Re: Housing for 50+
From: Kathy Buck (
Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2007 10:00:02 -0700 (PDT)
I am involved with a group trying to create an senior/elder cohousing community in the Chapel Hill, NC area.We are group of about 12 people from 52 to 75 with most of us around 60 who have been meeting for about 6 months ( actually some of us have been meeting for about 1 year but there was a split in the original group over location. We wanted urban the others suburban. When I checked into the fair housing laws my reading was that one person in a household had to be 55 or older for there to be an age limitation. On the issue of affordability. I think that the Elderspirit Community in Abbingdon Va. _www.elderspirit.net_ provides a good model for addressing this issue. They have an outreach project and are developing a handbook to help others forming communities. Our group is one of the ones they are helping. Also when addressing affordability more than just the cost of the housing should be taken into consideration. What about transportation, utilities etc. We are looking at urban sites even though they are more expensive because an urban site will allow us to build more densely and reduce or even eliminate our need for cars and allow for the possibility of mixed use so those of us who want to work can have on site businesses. We are also considering having an adult day care center on site and maybe a childcare center both of which are needed in our area. Who knows if this will all happen but that's the direction we are going now.

Kathy Buck

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