Book Deliveries: We the People
From: Sharon Villines (
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2007 05:52:04 -0700 (PDT)
For those of you who have ordered books from Amazon, I've given up trying to get books to Amazon. You will have to either order books from the press, GovernanceAlive, or the Sociocratisch Centrum until the distributor catches up with us.

The button to place orders is back up on the press site:

AND I'M SHIPPING DIRECTLY and using PRIORITY MAIL. The printer was not getting books to people fast enough -- I didn't realize they were still using donkeys in some parts of the US.

To work with Amazon before the book is listed in the distributor's catalogue, I would have had to have hundreds of book shipped to me and then apply labels of a certain size and shape a certain distance away from the top and side edges and then reship them to Amazon who would ship them to you. Since Amazon takes 55% of the selling price of the book, I would not only have been losing money but subsidizing their business. And we would be using a lot of green resources.

Ingram is the distributor for the press and eventually the book will be available in their catalog and Amazon can order from them. Until then please order from the press.

For those who have placed orders with Amazon, I apologize for the confusion and delay.

Sharon Villines
Coauthor with John Buck of We the People
Consenting to a Deeper Democracy
A Guide to Sociocratic Principles and Methods
ISBN: 9780979282706

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