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Seth, Please see below.

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Hi Stuart,

Have you had to get special permits/approval to build the First Day

We haven't started building yet, but I don't foresee any problems. David Howard, the Pres. and architect of First Day told me they would meet our building codes.

Even if you didn't, local building and zoning codes are more
restrictive in California, so your particular experience might not apply out
here, but I would still appreciate hearing more about your experience.

You could ask FD if they would pass CA codes.

One of our prospective members had some concerns about FD, so I asked the questions of FD. Here is the reply from John at First Day (who built and lives in one):

"We have houses in 34 states. Those states include Alaska, Colorado, Montana, Washington and at least a dozen in Upstate NY. We pass a 75lb per sq.ft snowload requirement in all those states. It gets kind of cold in Alaska. It gets pretty cold at 5,000 feet in the Rockies. No one has EVER called to say their house was cold or expensive to heat. In fact, I do all of the energy compliance reports and we pass easily in every state in the country. We also have houses in Florida, Mississippi and Texas. The houses as designed to handle wind requirements above 120mph of sustained winds. That means our homes can be built in the Florida Keys, the Gulf Coast or Tornado Alley. "


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