Re: [C-L] Small houses - pre-built or build-yourself
From: Holly Bartel (
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2007 14:37:46 -0700 (PDT)
I recently toured a couple of very nicely designed, small, one-bdrm, pre-fab 
homes by a Texas company called Athens Park Homes.  The homes are built in a factory and delivered 
to your site on an 18-wheeler.  They are solid wood construction, appear to be 
very well made, and can be extensively customized to your liking.  The 
particular "Park" model I priced had the loft option and was quoted at $48,000 
delivered.  These are the most affordable truly livable, ready to move-in, 
pre-fab homes that I have found.  I also met Jay Shafer recently at his Tiny 
Tumbleweed house in Sebastapol, CA.  The 100 sf house was extremely well-built, 
bright and cute but realistically too small for someone with DIY or artistic 
tendencies (including musical instruments) requiring a bit of practice or 
counter space, as is my personal situation.  Still...very cute.  The Park home 
would be much much more realistic for me to live in - and about the same price. 

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