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Subject: Community Development Banking list

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Organization:   Alternatives Federal Credit Union
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I ampleased to invite you to join the Community Development
Banking list    serve.
CommunityDevelopmentBanking-L is an active, free, ongoing e-mail
discussion resource. Since 1994, this list has served community
development practitioners includingCredit Unions, Banks, CDCs,Loan
Funds, trade associations, regulators, governments and partner non-
profits. The discussions have ranged from the practical (construction,
mortgage, and small business lending; job opportunities,
conferences, fundraising) to legislative (CRA, HMDA, and CDFI) to the
cutting edge (micro-loan funds, peer lending, local currency,
targeting social impact).
You may subscribe by sending an email to:
CommunityDevelopmentBanking-l-request [at] cornell.edu
The body of the message is simply
You'll get a welcome message with list rules and instructions. Then
you'll start getting EMail postings from the list.

"The best Community Development Banking resource in Cyberspace."

ARCHIVES are stored at http://www.cdb-l.org/

Please refer any questions to
Bill Myers, List Moderator
RunontheBank [at] gmail.com
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