Re: Choosing Board Members
From: Tim Mensch (
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2007 14:24:36 -0700 (PDT)
Sharon Villines wrote:
I haven't seen a recent discussion of how communities choose board members. We will be discussing this at an upcoming membership meeting and I'm interested to hear how people do it and how satisfied they are with both the process and the results.
What are other communities doing? And how is it working?
Pleasant Hill Cohousing has a member from each household on the HOA board; however, the executive committee (President, Secretary, etc.) is elected. Anyone can be nominated for any position, and the nominees are given the option of running. Once there's a list of who's willing to run for each position, an election is handled using a Borda-count election method. See for more information on how that works. Borda-count is often referred to as a "consensus-based" electoral system: There are situations where, even if one person gets 51% of first-place votes, that person would not win--if the remaining 49% really hated the candidate. In that case, the one that most people liked at least a little would be elected.

If only our national elections were handled in such a reasonable way... Of course neither major party would have anything to do with that, since it would release their stranglehold on the country.


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