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From: Ronald Frederick Greek (fred.greekyahoo.com)
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2007 06:21:01 -0700 (PDT)
If you select "rural" consider just how sustainable or ecological you can 
actually be.  
  How much damage does your new community do to remaining wilderness?  
  How much have you increased your personal / family dependence on auto travel 
and fossil fuels to reach any product or service provider you need?
  Kids in a pup tent in the back yard naively look at it as a "roughing it" 
adventure.  How much different is an attempt to create an ecological & 
sustainable human environment by destroying yet more of nature?
  There are those who can't (financial, medical, technical, etc.) initiate a 
new self-reliant homestead in the wilderness, or couldn't remain at such even 
if handed to them free.   I will argue that any further such impact on 
remaining wilderness is contrary to any contemplation of ecological 
  We need to use our knowledge, intelligence and skills to repair what we've 
destroyed, and retrofit for long term sustainability, with reduced demands for 
new resources and recycle rather than discard.  This includes homes, 
neighborhoods, and entire cities.
  Consider, does your community really need to be such that the houses are 
contiguous?  What about the concept of buying run-down homes in the same 
general area - walking distance - with a "community" purchase of yet another 
  Look up the "retrofit" aspect at the http://www.ic.org website.  They also 
have information on the pre-sold concept.

cohousing-l-request [at] cohousing.org wrote:  What does "Pre-Sold" really mean 
in a case like this, where we don't have land, architectural plans, or one of 
those cute scale models with all the lots outlined in 

Ronald Frederick Greek
  Moderator (Electronic Janitor)
Sustainable Tucson
  "Stabilization of human numbers is no solution... To speak of an actual 
reduction of human population - exactly what is needed if the world is to avoid 
unprecedented human dieoff through famine, pestilence, and war - is unthinkable 
and unspeakable, at least in polite company.  Not just Catholics and 
conservatives, but liberals as awll become positively apoplectic if the subject 
is broached.  And so the discussion necessary to understanding our econlogical 
dilemma, and dealing effectively with it, never occurs."
  - Richard Heinberg, Power Down


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