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From: Stuart Joseph (
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 11:45:37 -0700 (PDT)

Leah wrote:
We are moving into Bear Grass Village in Ashland Oregon in a month! (where, by 
the way, we still have one 3 bedroom townhouse available!) We are figuring out 
the specifics of our HOA dues. The membership committee has requested a budget 
for marketing if people leave the group. We have a right of first refusal and 
they figure we need to do the marketing as a group to exercise this right.
I would say that means that the group would be buying the house directly. If they did that and wanted to sell it themselves, then they would need a marketing budget-or hire a Realtor. in which case, the Realtor is responsible for the marketing and essentially their commission is the marketing budget.

What advantage does the group feel they would gain if they sold the unit themselves instead of letting the owners sell it?

What does your lawyer say?
 I understand the need to market our project but I also think it is the 
responsibility of the individual to pay for marketing of their house if they 
want to sell it.

I would agree, especially if they are going to collect the money. I don't see any reason that the group would need to sell it over letting the owners do it.
 What do other groups do?
  Leah Schindler
  Bear Grass Village
  Ashland Oregon

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