Re: HOA dues for children/teens at what age?
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Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2007 06:01:50 -0700 (PDT)
Our dues are based 50% on number of people in household and 50% divided equally per household. We count babies as soon as they're born. I have 3 kids under 12 and I'm OK with counting kids. In some ways they are more destructive and costly to the HOA. I would guess we get our fabric covered chairs in the CH dining room steam cleaned each year more as a result of kids using them than adults.

We've never had a real problem with counting the number of people. Our definition is: "The census of how many people are living in each home is updated at the beginning of each month. A person is considered to live in the home if they are expected to stay more than 90 days."

The result is that our HOA dues range from about $100 (1 person household) to about $200 (6 person household) per month. That result seems pretty fair. Our HOA dues pay for water, roads, septic, trash collection, common house, workshop, greenhouse, pasture, hot tub, etc. We are a rural community so our HOA provides services like a small town would.


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I'm wondering at what age your community starts considering children/youths as dues paying individuals. Currently, our HOA monthly dues are based partially on the number of people over the age of 12 in the household. This seems way too young to me.

Thanks for your responses,

Angela, mother of a 12 year old.
Colorado Springs Cohousing Community

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