Re: Seeking Marketing Advice
From: Carol Gulyas (
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2007 06:16:28 -0700 (PDT)
Do you have a website?  Do you have pictures of the house that is for sale?
This list is itself a good sales vehicle, and I have seen several properties
for sale on it.  There are other venues as well, such as and    I would also put it on my
blog if you had any way that I could do so.  Members of this list could also
forward it to their friends/relatives, if you have a link that can be

On 7/20/07, mary rain <maryrain [at]> wrote:

Wise-Acres Cooperative is a small intentional community (9 households) in
Indianola, WA that infrequently has opportunities to join.  The last time
house sold here was four years ago! In fact, in our 15 year existence,
have been only 4 sales in total. We do maintain a strong and positive
presence in the greater area, but Indianola is a rather small, waterfront
town, so word does not seem to travel far.  Does anyone have advice for
effective advertising/marketing venues, communication networks, etc... to
reach folks who are interested in being an active participant in our
cohousing community and would love to move to Indianola, WA? We currently
have an opening, and are wishing we had built a mailing list when the need
was not imminent.  Thanks!


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