Re: HOA dues for children/teens at what age?
From: Racheli Gai (
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2007 06:54:30 -0700 (PDT)
Our dues (in Sonora Cohousing, Tucson) aren't based on the number of people
in a household at all.
They are based, in part, of the size of the homes, and the other portion is the same for all. The difference in pay between the smallest and the largest units
is not very significant.

I don't remember the whole discussion at the time, but I think a major reason not to go by the number of people had to do with the fact that it's relatively fluid, with people coming and going, and also with the difficulty in deciding
how long people should be staying before they need to start paying dues.

Also, it's sometimes the case that people with more kids are less affluent - so, if one takes into account ability to pay, (yes - not a capitalist concept :)) - then number of kids isn't a good indicator for how much a household should
be paying.

In the 7 years we are here we raised the dues a couple of times, but for people who are financially pinched the dues stayed the same. (I think we have 2 or 3households
out of 36 in this category).


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If the "dues" are to pay for common facilities, recreation center, pool,
whatever, and if you're charging on a per-person basis, shouldn't dues
start whenever the child is eligible to use such without the parent?

  I'm wondering at what age your community starts considering
children/youths as dues paying individuals. Currently, our HOA monthly dues are
 based partially on the number of people over the age of 12 in the
 household.  This seems way too young to me.

Thanks for your responses,

Angela, mother of a 12 year old.
Colorado Springs Cohousing Community

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