Re: Contruction, Architects and Building Commissioning
From: katie-henry (
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2007 13:51:38 -0700 (PDT)
> Thanks for your excellent and concise summary of the process during and after 
> EVC construction. As an architect, one thing confuses me. Where was your 
> architect and what role did he/she play during construction? 

Our developer (Don Tucker) was also the architect. Well, not just Don himself, 
but his firm (EDG Architects). We (the community members) had no input in 
selecting the architects. When Don develops a project, it's a package deal, 
with the cost of architecture services built into the cost of the units. Hence 
the need for us to have our own representation.

The architects from EDG were indeed involved during construction. I don't have 
a construction background, so I can't compare our project with a "normal" 
project. Maybe Jessie can provide some info when she gets in off the beach. I 
think that Stan Sersen (our construction advocate) had green building expertise 
that EDG did not have in-house, which is why Don paid the cost of commissioning 
and some post-occupancy consulting that would normally be paid by the owners.


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